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Create you own original machine embroidery designs with the Bernina Designer Plus software. My video tutorials will hopefully not only get you started, but inspire you unleash your creative talent.

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The Bernina Designer Plus software makes creating appliqe designs easy. Mostly done in version 6 but I have included some from version 5

These videos cover the new features that have been added to version 6.



Miscellaneous version 6

35 Responses to Bernina Digitizing Tutorials

  1. Margaret Burke says:

    Hi Carol, I just watched your YouTube video on digitizing FSL. I wish I’d known about you when I first bought Designer Plus v6 a few years ago. (Of course, your awesome content might not have been available then.) Even though I’ve learned it the hard way, I’m considering buying your DVDs to get that bit extra that I’ve not figured out myself. Do you have any idea when your Course 2 will be available on DVD?

    Thanks for being out there in cyberspace. You are quite a find.


  2. Tanya says:

    Hi I have editor plus v5 … What upgrade can I purchase that will work with my 180? I am running Windows 7 but will soon have Windows 8

    • Carol says:

      Dear Tanya,
      You can upgrade to V7 Editor Plus or V7 Designer Plus. Both are compatible with the 180 machine. Equally important is that they work with later versions of windows. V6 only works in windows 8. Not 8.1 or later. It would only be useful to know this if you could lay your hands on a second hand copy of V6 as it is not possible to upgrade to it.
      If you are happy with the tools and options in Editor Plus then this would be the cheapest option. If you want to have all the tools for both auto and manual digitizing then Designer Plus is the way to go.
      You need to contact a Bernina Dealer for pricing.
      Cheers Carol

  3. Hi Carol.
    I am wanting to take both or all of your courses. I currently own Version 5 of Bernina as I have the Bernina 200 Embroidery and 180. I have every intention of getting the upgrade at some point but most of the updates are relevant to NEWER machines I understand. I see no point in the upgrade if I don’t have the machine to TEST OUT the results. Will the Course still be valuable to me if I remain at Version 5 until I can afford upgrade? I currently digitize for computerized quilting and have many designs I think are going to awesome for embroidery as well. Thank you for your input.

    • Carol says:

      Dear Tammie,
      There is a lot more to the upgrades than just supporting the newer machines. There are new fill types and more tools. Version 7 also has a new interface. Some of the new features are Punch Work, Stump Work, Trapunto and Raised Satin. There are new fonts including one for Puffy Foam and a few running stitch ones for using on quilt labels etc. All of these can be stitched on your machine. One change that seems minor, but I think has made a big difference is that you no longer have to hit enter to make your changes take effect. This speeds up the process of digitizing immensely.
      Another reason for upgrading is that V5 will not run on Windows 8 and there will be no fix for this. This means that if you need to replace your computer in the future, you will no longer be able to run your software.
      You will find that there are things in Course 2 that you will not be able to do in V5. Some of it will be relevant, i.e. the Cross Stitch and Quilting parts of the software have not changed. I see you have already enrolled in that course. Until you upgrade just do the bits you are able to do with your software. You will remain enrolled and have access to the courses indefinitely. I have not covered the Punch Work, Stump Work, Trapunto and Raised Satin in my courses yet, as these tools are not available on V6. I will do a separate course on those when Course 2 is complete, for V7 owners only.
      Cheers Carol

  4. sewcrafty101 says:

    Carol thanks for your videos, I have just started doing embroidery although I bought my bernina aurora 430, 5 years ago. The software which came with is the editorlite v5. I can’t digitize with this programme from what I gather reading the manual. Would you suggest I upgrade or just buy a totally new software and if so what do you recommend.
    It would be awesome if you could do a complete embroidery tutorial using a bernina on

    • Carol says:

      I would recommend you upgrade, if you can afford it. It should be a little cheaper than buying the software outright. Check with your dealer re cost. You will find the Bernina software is the best available, but also the most expensive. Editor Plus only allows for auto digitizing, so if you are going to upgrade you should take the leap to Designer Plus, which has all the tools for manual digitizing giving you much more flexibility and better outcomes in your designs. It is also perfectly compatible with your machine, so sending your finished design to your machine or memory stick will be a simple and hassle free experience.
      Oh if only I had time to do more tutorials on using embroidery machines etc. It is just not possible unfortunately. Does your dealer have any classes or clubs you can join?
      Cheers Carol

  5. Lyn McKinnon says:

    Hi Carol, I have learnt so much from your videos, thank you so much, Please could you put me on your mailing list.

  6. Robyn McGain says:

    I just love your website and your Utube videos. They have helped me so much. Thanks

    • Carol says:

      Thanks Robyn, Glad to have helped.

      • Susana says:

        I am have V6 and am looking for help, I have a quilt pattern that I would like to be able to scan and do applique. Instead of me cutting the designs and then doing the blanket stitch I want to be able to have the software help me. I hope I make sense I know a lady who did this but she moved out of our are.
        thanks again.

        • Carol says:

          Dear Susana, I have a playlist of applique videos on You Tube. These should help. You will need to scan the applique patterns into the software. You do this in Art Canvass by clicking on the scan picture icon just below the load picture icon at the top left of your screen. If your scanner is not compatable with the software, use your scanning software to scan the pattern and then save it as a jpeg. You can then use the load picture icon to bring the image into the software. The playlists for the videos are on my You Tube Channel here. If after watching the videos you are still having problems, get back to me.

  7. Anne Dyer says:

    Carol – have been looking at all the v6 videos – you explain the points so well and show us how amazing this software is. The online manual is good, but they is nothing like seeing it all happening – a thousand thanks for taking all this time to help us. The video on manually moving, adding and deleting stitches in just wonderful.

  8. Amanda says:

    I’m looking into digitizing and I was thinking about getting the bernina software version 5. Is that and good program to start with? Can you create designs with clip art with that program?

    • Carol says:

      If you are looking to buy the version 5 full version (not Editor) then yes you can auto digitize clip art. Version 5 is not compatible with vector graphics though. The clip art needs to be in bitmap, jpeg, or png type files. See my videos on Auto digitizing and Vector graphics vs bitmaps. Version 6 included a number of new features other than the ability to use vector graphics, but you can still achieve excellent results with version 5. The only way you will get version 5 now is second hand, and copies are rare as most people upgrade rather than buy a complete new version. Be absolutely sure that the version 5 you are purchasing has a working dongle, because if someone has used their version 5 to upgrade to version 6, the version 5 dongle, and therefore the software will no longer run.

  9. Mercia says:

    Amazing! First time I ever understand advance applique. Thank you

  10. Toni Rivers says:

    I would so appreciate receiving notice of new utube videos and find them usefull in my graphic design business.

    Thanks, Toni

    • Carol says:

      Toni and others, To be notified of new YouTube videos, you need to subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will need to sign up for a YouTube account, and for this you need either a Google account or a GMail account. If you click on the Subscribe button on my channel you will be prompted to set up your YouTube account if you do not already have one. If you don’t have a GMail account or a Google account you will be asked to sign up for a GMail account. If you don’t want a GMail account get yourself a Google account before you press the subscribe button. Google “how to get a Google account” if you need help. When you subscribe to my channel there will be an option to receive an email every time I upload a new video. Make sure you check this box. Here is the link to my channel.

  11. joann rossi says:

    Please sign me up for future videos..thank you so much for your kindness. Joann

  12. joann rossi says:

    I want to subscribe to see all your videos that come out..just love all the kindness you show to all of us. Thank you so much..Joann

  13. Debbie McClure says:

    Hello Carol….I just happened upon you and what a pleasure it is to watch and learn from your videos!! I don’t have enough time to go and take classes so this if absolutely perfect! I look forward to spending time with you and “Thank You” again!!!!

  14. Lindsy says:

    I am digitizing some applique designs and have been doing so for more than a year with much luck. My question is how do you make the satin outline stitch come to points instead of a blunt end on the design? I have bernina v6 designer plus software. Thanks for your help and wondering what other software instructions you offer by cd? I am interested in knowing as much as I can as easily as I can. I love digitizing but feel like I’ve only scratched the surface with this software.

    • Carol says:

      You can do this two ways. Firstly digitize line. Then digitize a smallsquare filled with fill stitch. Place the square over the end of the line and select the square. Click on remove overlaps effectively chopping off the end of the line. Delete the square. This process has changed the outline to a filled object, so that when you select it and choose the reshape tool you will have nodes around the edge instead of through the middle. You can then move those nodes, add extra nodes if necessary, to form the point. The second way is to digitize the line with the block digitizing tool. This allows you to digitize the the thickness of the line as you go, while setting the stitch angles at the same time. See your onscreen manual under the help option for more information about reshaping and block digitizing.

      • Abbie R says:

        A tutorial on that would be AWESOME

        • Carol says:

          OK That won’t take long so I will do it in the next couple of days.

          • Robin Enger says:

            Carol — Just watched your video on bringing a satin stitch line to a fine point end. I got more out of it than that. I have been digitizing lines with more interest (thick and thin variations) by creating a closed shape. It is so much easier using your method of using a closed shape, removing the overlaps to change the line to a shape and then using the nodes to alter the thickness in areas to making it more interesting. Will this work with auto applique? I plan on trying that next. Thank you so much.

          • Carol says:

            Dear Robin,
            Glad you enjoyed the video. It won’t work with Auto Applique, because your applique border needs to be one closed object. You can use it with the Advanced applique function though, as the applique border in this function can be made up of several objects, open or closed, provided they join up to enclose the area where the fabric will go. It is best to get your embroidery sorted before you apply the applique fabric etc. That way your tackdown and placement lines will be in the correct position.

  15. Loosli Sonja says:

    Ihre Tutorial interessieren mich sehr. Uch besitze die Software: Bernina V6 Plus.
    ich bin 72 Jahre und muss vieles selber lernen. Leider kann ich kein Enlisch aber mit den Bildern im Viedeo ist mir viel verständlich. Leider fand ich nirgens eine Angabe wieviel die Videos kosten.
    Mit freundlichen Grüssen

    Sonja Loosli

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  17. hilary dobson says:

    love your videos.i learn so mush for your ,your voice is so clear.can we have a video how to fix outline jump sticthes.i have none art designs with out line jump sticthes going all over the place.regards hilary

  18. Mary Rotolo says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I look forward to your postings!

  19. Denise Oliver says:

    Hi Carol – wow this website looks fantastic – congratulations. Looking forward to exciting digitizing ahead….

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