In the Hoop machine embroidered pincushion


If you read my Self Cover Buttons post, you would have seen the picture of the pincushion already. It was so easy to make I thought I would tell you how.

In the Hoop pincushion
In the Hoop pincushion


All you need is my In the Hoop pincushion design available here.

If you have software, you could swap out the design for another, as long as it fits inside the seam line in the design. An option would be my String Flower design.  Or you could just choose a design you already have.


String Flower machine embroidery design
String Flower machine embroidery design

• Hoop your chosen fabric with suitable stabilizer and stitch Stop 1 which is the leaf design.
• Stitch Stop 2 which is the placement line. Place your  fabric for the back right side down on
top of the embroidery making sure it covers the placement line with a bit to spare.
Secure it in place with tape or pins, making sure these are outside the placement line.
• Stitch Stop 3 which is the seam line.
• Remove from the hoop and remove excess Stabilizer.
• Trim excess fabric leaving a 1/4” seam allowance.
• Turn and stuff.
• Slip stitch the opening closed.
• Attach two buttons, one on the center front and one on the center back, pulling the
threads tight to create an indent in the cushion.

I have included the covered button design with the pincushion design so that you can make coordinating buttons if you wish.

Voilla! you are done. These pincusions make great gifts if you can bear to part with yours.

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  1. I have been searching everywhere for a circle pincushion in the hoop design. Thank you for offering it here!

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