Machine Embroidery on a Vest Part 2


To combine the design elements and size them to fit on the pattern, I loaded an image of my pattern pieces into Art Canvas in my Bernina Designer Plus software and then went straight through to the Embroidery Canvas so that I had the pattern pieces as a backdrop. This was easy because I had used Valentina software to draft my pattern, and was able to export a vector file of the pieces.

If you have an E pattern on a PDF, you could use the Windows Snipping Tool to make a jpeg to import. The PDF pattern pieces will probably be randomly placed to save paper when you are printing, so use edit bitmap to crop out the individual pieces and save them, so that you can rotate them and position them as you would like.

If you are working with a paper pattern, you could scan the pattern, but it is a lot of work to do the whole pattern and then line up all the pieces. You might just want to scan the areas that you plan to embroider.

It is a good idea to check that your pattern pieces have been loaded at actual size. I used the measure tool and checked several of the measurements to be sure. My pattern did not have seam allowances, so if yours has, remember to allow for them.

This is what my screen looked like after I had arranged the designs on the pattern.


I got a bit carried away, and didn’t end up doing this much embroidery, but at least I knew my designs would fit on the vest. The next thing was to see what I could fit into my hoops and make templates so I could position the designs on to the actual vest. Stay tuned for the next post.