Bernina Cutwork Tool / Inspira Cutwork needles.


The Bernina Cutwork Tool and the Inspira Cutwork needles can be used to cut through fabric in your embroidery hoop. Inserted in place of a normal needle, they are in fact little chisels set at 4 different angles.  The design used with these products must be specially digitised with appropriate software which inserts the correct commands for your machine. When using the cutters, there is no thread in the machine, so your machine needs to have the capability to turn off upper and lower thread sensors. In Australia, the Bernina Cutwork Tool is sold with a software package for you to create your own designs. The Inspira Needles can be bought without software. Not everyone wants to create their own designs, so I have decided to add some designs to my store that can be used with theseproducts. I have a new Category in the Store called Designs for Cutwork Tool/Needles. I have converted my Lace Heart design for use with these products as a starter. Click on the image to buy. There will be more to come. I will also write more on using these tools in the not to distant future.

Free Standing Lace Heart, now digitised for use with the Bernina Cutwork Tool, or the Inspira Cutwork Needles.

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  1. Hello Carol,

    Is there an upgrade for Bernina software V.6 for the cut work? Or do I have to get V.7? I have a Brother Quattro 6750. I assume I can convert an .ART cut work design to .PES for my Brother. Am I correct? I love cut work, and I would like to do the cut work in the hoop. Are all cut work needles the same? I only know one brand: the Inspira brand.
    Thanks so much.

    One more question: Are you the Carol who gave us all those wonderful tutorials on the V.6 Bernina software? If so, a BIG THANK YOU!!! I learned so much from them!

    Elsa Schmithorst

    1. Dear Elsa, Bernina released a separate software package for cut work. It is now part of their Design Works suite. Version 7 of the software does have the ability to create a cut line in a round about way from the new Stump Work feature. Clint Seeley has a video on this on You Tube. Cutwork designs converted to other formats should work. The main issue is whether you can turn the upper thread sensor off on your machine. If not the machine will keep stopping to tell you there is no upper thread.
      As far as I know there are only the Inspira needles and the Bernina cut work tool.
      If you mean am I Carol Undy from You Tube, then yes. I now have an online classroom, which is for both V6 and V7. See the home page of my website for more info.
      Cheers Carol

  2. Carol, will these needles work as well on the Brothers 4000D or my Brother’s PR-1000? Is there any special set up other than turning off the thread sensors?

    1. The needles should work on your 4000D. On your multi needle machine you would have to try them. Put a needle in and hand turn the flywheel to see that the needle goes down far enough, and doesn’t hit anything. If all is OK you would have to put all four needles in and then assign them to stitch in order.

  3. Carol, do you do the cutting or does the machine do it. I have seen cutwork needles by Viking and I wonder if you could use on a Bernina as well? It certainly is very detailed work.

    1. The machine cuts the fabric for you. No more removing the hoop. The tool is great for cutting multiple applique shapes as it will cut through about 6-8 layers. With cutwork designs, it cuts out all the holes for you. All 4 blades need to do the cicuit of the shape, cutting when the outline of the shape is the appropriate angle for the blade. I believe the Bernina tool is now available without the software, so would be a better option if you have a Bernina. With the tool you only insert it once, then turn the blade to the 4 positions. With the needles, you have to insert a different needle for each position.

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