Bernina Cutwork Tool / Inspira Cutwork needles.


The Bernina Cutwork Tool and the Inspira Cutwork needles can be used to cut through fabric in your embroidery hoop. Inserted in place of a normal needle, they are in fact little chisels set at 4 different angles.  The design used with these products must be specially digitised with appropriate software which inserts the correct commands for your machine. When using the cutters, there is no thread in the machine, so your machine needs to have the capability to turn off upper and lower thread sensors. In Australia, the Bernina Cutwork Tool is sold with a software package for you to create your own designs. The Inspira Needles can be bought without software. Not everyone wants to create their own designs, so I have decided to add some designs to my store that can be used with theseproducts. I have a new Category in the Store called Designs for Cutwork Tool/Needles. I have converted my Lace Heart design for use with these products as a starter. Click on the image to buy. There will be more to come. I will also write more on using these tools in the not to distant future.

Free Standing Lace Heart, now digitised for use with the Bernina Cutwork Tool, or the Inspira Cutwork Needles.