Dyeing Cotton Tulle


I recently purchased some pure cotton tulle,also known as swiss tulle or bobbinette whith a view to embroidering on it. This type of tulle is much stronger than bridal tulle yet is very fine and very soft. It will make beautiful lace, soft enough to wear against your skin. I prefer to embroider on a light fabric such as tulle or organza, rather than making free standing lace. I can make much larger pieces by rehooping, and embroider less dense designs which will still drape well.
The tulle I bought came in what is described as bleach based, which is a natural off white to cream colour. My first thought was to dye it. Not everyone likes the natural look, and I personally prefer to work with bold colours. I chose purple. Here are some before and after photos.

Before Dyeing
After dyeing








I used iDye, a Jacquard product. This dye comes in a watersoluble sachet so there is no messy powder floating around. You can cut the sachet open, if you are only dyeing a small amount of fabric, and use just a portion. It is a hot water dye so you will need a stainless steel or enamel pot large enough to be able to stir your piece of fabric around in. I bought a cheap stock pot. Stock pots are tall and help prevent splashes. You must not use your pot for food after you have used it for dyeing.

The instructions on the packet are quite clear and I found the whole process quite simple.
I was so impressed with the result, I have decided to dye some other fabrics as well. I bought some linen a while back which was very cheap. I wasn’t fond of the colour of one of the rolls, so my next project is to dye some of that. It will be great for cutwork and as I now have the Bernina Cutwork Software the sky is the limit!
I will post more articles on these projects as they develop. Follow this blog if you don’t want to miss them.
I have bought a bulk amount of the tulle so when I have made some samples I will add it to my store.