Free Standing Lace Heart


Free Standing Lace designs are digitized specifically to be sewn on water soluble stabiliser, which is then rinsed away to leave a lace motif or border. These motifs can be used as stand alone decorations, or attached to other projects. I recently digitised a free standing lace heart design which can be sewn as a free standing motif, or inserted into fabric as a cutwork design. I then took it one step further and sewed over mylar using a varigated thread.

fsl lace dress
Lace Heart sewn as cutwork on a pillowslip dress.

It is surprising how many ways you can use one design. I have digitized this heart so that you can sew it as a cutwork, or skip the first two colours and just sew it as a free standing motif. Click on the images to purchase the heart design.

For those of you using the Bernina Cutwork tool, or the Inspira cutwork needles, check back soon as I will be posting a version of the design for use with those soon. Better still include me on your favourite feed so you don’t miss any of my posts.

Lace Heart sewn over Mylar
FSL Heart sewn over mylar