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This Course is for people just starting out with the Bernina Designer Plus Software. It is very detailed and will cover all of the basic procedures used to create your own designs, manage your designs and send them to your machine.

There will be a second course covering the more advanced techniques.

As with all my courses, you can work at your own pace, there are no time limits. New content will be added regularly until all of the content for this course is uploaded.

The cost of this course is $60USD

This course will cover all the improvements and new features added to Version 8.

It is for people who have experience using the previous versions, and have upgraded to Version 8.

The cost of this course is $40.00USD

The cost of this course is $40.00USD

This course will cover all the features added to the V7 release. This includes Raised Satin, Stump Work, Trapunto, Support for the Punch Tool and many other improvements to the existing functions.

Cost of this Course is $60.00USD

A full outline of this course can be viewed here

This course is particularly good for beginners, but more  experienced digitizers will benefit also.

 Although all instructions are for V6 & V7, owners of V5 should be able to do the course using the V6 material. The software interface is slightly different, but I will answer any questions arising from these differences.

This course is NOT suitable for owners of any version of Editor Plus.


Cost of this course is $60.00USD

While completion of Course 1 is not a prerequisite for this course, I will be assuming you know everything covered in Course 1, and will not be answering questions covered in that course in this course.

The main topics covered in this course are (not in this order) :-

Cross Stitch
Carving Stamp
Multi Hooping
Ripple and Contour Fills Sculptured Fancy Fill

This course is NOT suitable for owners of V5 or any of the Editor Plus versions